Name: Dr. Nakib Muhammad Nasrullah
Designation: Professor
Degree: LL.M in International Law (UNSW, Australia), Mphil in Law ( Macquarie University, Australia),PhD ( Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)
Phone: +8801720-106855

PhD in International Investment Law ( Macquarie University, Australia, 2014)

MPhil in Law ( Macquarie University, Australia, 2009)

LL.M in International Law ( University of New South Wales, Australia, 2000)

LL.M and LL.B Honours( University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1990 and 1989 respectively)

Diploma in International Humanitarian Law ( NALSAR University of Law, India)

Diploma in Foundation in Learning and Teaching ( Macquarie University, Australia)

Employment History/ Professional Experience

11.03.2015Position: Professor (Full time)

Institute: Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

13.10.2010Position:  Associate Professor (Full time)

Institute:  Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

05/07/2005   Position: Assistant Professor (Full time)

Institute: Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

27/08/2002   Position: Associate Professor (Full time)

Institute: Department of law, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh

03/01/1997   Position: Assistant Professor (Full time)

Institute: Department of Law, Islamic University,Kushtia, Bangladesh

03/01/1994   Position:  Lecturer (full time)

Institute: Department of Law, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh

Teaching and supervision experience in Macquarie law School, Macquarie University, Australia

Worked as a sessional teaching staff for the Unit 459 Law ( Public International Law) in session 1, 2012

Worked as a sessional  teaching staff for the Unit  Law 460 ( International Trade and Finance) in session 2, 2012

Worked as a sessional teaching staff (  thesis supervision ) for the Unit  Law 561( Advanced Legal Research) in session 1, 2013

Worked as a sessionalteaching staff ( thesis supervision) for the Unit  Law562 ( Advanced Legal Research) in  session 2, 2013

Worked as a sessional teaching  staff for the Unit Law 214 ( Jurisprudence) in session 2, 2013

Worked as a sessional teaching staff for the Unit  Law 459 ( Public International Law) in session 1, 2014

Working Experience as an adjunct faculty in different public and private universities

Currently teaching ‘ Comparative Human Rights Law’ as an adjunct faculty in  the State University of Bangladesh

Currently teaching ‘ International Humanitarian Law’ ( IHL) as an adjunct faculty in Eastern University, Bangladesh

Currently teaching ‘ International Law’ in the Department of International Relations, Bangladesh University of Professionals

( BUP)

Previously taught IHL at MPHRDS in BUP

Currently teaching ‘ International Law of the Sea’ at LL.M in the University of Asia Pacific

Assigned to teach at LL.M. a course on International Law for Peace-building and Dispute Resolution  in Jahangir Nagar University

Articles in national and international law journals

  1. ‘The Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resource: A Critical Review’ (2001) 41: (1) Indian Journal of International Law
  2. ‘Political Development as a Prerequisite for Administrative Development: The Case Study of Bangladesh (1995) 1(1) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  3. ‘ASEAN: A Quest for Development and Regionalism’ (1999) 1(2) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  4. ‘Marine Pollution by Dumping: International Regulations’ (2000) 15(1-2) South Asian Studies
  5. Sentencing to the Juvenile Offenders in New South Wales: A Legal Discourse’ (2001) 1(2) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
  6. ‘The Use of Nuclear Weapons and International Humanitarian Law: A Legal Analysis’ (2001) 2 (2) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  7. ‘The Development of Cheque Regulation in Bangladesh: Lessons from Australian Experience’ (2001) 2 (2) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  8. ‘Freedom of Speech in Islam: An Overview’ (2001) 2 (2) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  9. ‘The Implementation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Problems and Prospects’ (2002) 2(1) Islamic University Studies, Faculty of Law
  10. ‘The Implementation of International Humanitarian Law and the Role of International Committee of Red Cross’(2003) 1(2) Chittagong University Law Journal
  11. ‘Human Rights and the Responsibilities of Multinational Corporations as an Actor of Economic Globalization’ in ELCOP (ed) Summer School Review (2003)
  12. ‘Iraq War 2003 and the Application of Jus ad bellum and Jus in bello’ (2005) 16 (1) Journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka
  13. ‘An Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, its Dimensions and the Character of its Standards’ (2007) 18 (2) Journal of Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka
  14. ‘The Current Trends in CSR Practice in the Business Enterprises: Comparatives experiences of Bangladesh and Vietnam’ (2008) 19(2) Dhaka University Law Journal
  15. ‘Business for Sustainable Development: The Role of CSR as a Catalyst’ (2011) 3(3)Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR)
  16. ‘Socio-economic Development of Bangladesh: The Role of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited’ (2012) 1(4) World Journal of Social Science
  17. ‘FDI Related Dispute Settlement and the Role of ICSID: Striking Balance between Development and Developing Countries’ (2013) 1(1) The International Law Annual
  18. An article entitled ‘FDI Conflict Resolution: Broad View of Arbitration Options under BITs is under the process of review for publication in Murdoch Law Review.
  19. An article entitled ‘GATT Article XXIV and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: A Need for Jurisprudential Reform’ has been published in (June 2015) 26(1) Dhaka University Law Journal.

Book Chapters

Mia Mahmoodur Rahim and Nakib M. Nasrullah‘Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation in the EU and the USA: The Trend and The Way Forward’ in Okpara, John &Idow, Samuel O. (eds.)‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for 21 Century Leaders (Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg,  2013)

AbdallahAbuOliem and NakibM.Nasrullah, ‘Turkey’s Role in GCCthrough Bilateral Investment Treaties’ in OzdenZeynepOktav and Helin Sari Ertem(eds.) GCC-Turkey Relations: Dawn of a New Era (Gulf Research Centre Cambridge, 2015)

Professor M. Rafiqul Islam and Dr. Nakib M.Nasrullah, ‘ IHL at the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh’ in Suzannah and Tim (eds.) ‘ 70 Years of the Geneva Conventions 1949: Perspectives on IHL from & on the Asia Pacific Region ( OUP, 2019 ) ( forthcoming).


NakibM.Nasrullah and Mia Mahmoodur Rahim, ‘CSR in Private Enterprises in Developing Countries:Evidences from the Ready-made Garments Industry in Bangladesh’ (Springer, 2014).

Conference Paper Presentation

  1. Presented a paper on ‘the Legality of the Use of Nuclear Weapons and the International Humanitarian Law’ in an international conference’ Towards Eliminating Nuclear Weapons’ organized by Australian Red Cross from November 3-5, 2012 in Adelaide, Australia.
  2. Presented a paper entitled ‘ FDI Related Dispute Settlement and the Role of ICSID: Striking Balance between Developed and Developing Economies’ in 4th International Law Summit organized by Mumbai Law College of Mumbai University, India.
  3. Presented a paper on ‘the Application of CSR in Banking Sector of Bangladesh’ in Macquarie University HDR Conference in 2011, Macquarie University, Australia.
  4. Presented a paper titled ‘ International Trade Liberalization and Gender Equality : A Contextualization in a four-day-long workshop held in Dhaka jointly organized by the Faculty of Law and the Oriental and African Studies ( SOAS), UK on “ Governance and Management of Gender Relations: A Comparative Study of Law and Society from February 23-26, 2015.
  5. Presented a paper on ‘Issues concerning Control and Protection in Terrorism: A Jurisdiction Conflict of IHL’ in an international conference organized by ICRC from October 6-8, 2016 in Dehli, India.

Participation in International Conferences, Workshops, and Short Courses

  • 2014    participated in two-day-long international conference orgainised by the Bangladesh Chapter of Asian Society of International Law, based in Singapore.
  • 2009     Participated as a moderator in a session in Public Conference on ‘Free Access to Law’   organized by AustLII/AsianLII in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • 2007      Attended International Leadership Conference in Canberra, Australia organized by AusAid.
  • 2006     Attended a week-long conference on International Criminal Law in Beijing, China, jointly organized by European Union University, Florence and Tsinghua University,Beijing.
  • 2006    Attended Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on International Humanitarian Law organized by ICRC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 2006    Attended the Summer Session on Public International Law in the Hague Academy of International Law, the Hague, the Netherlands.
  • 2005    Attended UNITAR Regional Fellowship Programme in International Law in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2003   Participated in the South Asian Teaching Session on International Humanitarian and Refugee Law jointly organized by ICRC and UNHCR, held at National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India.
  • 2001  Participated as a delegate in the International Conference on ‘International Law in the New Millennium: Problems and Challenges Ahead’ in New Delhi, India organized by Indian Instituteof International Law.
  • 1999 Participated in Refresher Course for Law Teachers held at the sponsor of University Grants Commission of India in National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
  • 1997 Attended Summer Session on Private International Law at the Hague Academy of  International Law, the Hague, the Netherlands.

Current Teaching Responsibilities in the University of Dhaka

International Trade Law at LL.M

Public International Law at LL.B (Hons.) 4th year

MPhil. & PhD Research Coordinator

Scholarships and Fellowships Achieved

2010-2013 International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (iMQRES) for

PhD in Law

2007-2008  Australian Leadership Award (ALA) for M. Phil in Law at Macquarie University

2006        The Hague Academy of International Law Fellowship for Summer Session

2005         UNITAR Fellowship for International Law

2003         ICRC Fellowship for IHL and Refugee Law

2000         Islamic University Development Fund for LL.M at University of New South Wales

1999 Indian University Grants Commission Fellowship for Refresher Course in International

Trade Law

International Trade, Finance and Investment Law, Humanitarian
Law, Human Rights, International Business Transaction, International Commercial

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