Name: Dr. Naima Huq
Designation:Professor and Chairman
Degree:Ph. D. (University of East London)
Phone:+880 2 9661920-73 EXT. 6810

  1. Ph.D in Rural Women’s Divorce Right in Bangladesh (University of East London, UK, 1995)
  2. LL.M, First Class 1983, University of Dhaka
  3. LL.B (Hons.), First Class 1982, University of Dhaka
  • Current Academic Engagements
  1. Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka [Currently, Chairman i.e. Head of the Department of Law]

Employment History

 University of Dhaka

  • Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka [6th July, 2005 till date]
  • Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka [7th November, 2000 to 5th July, 2005]
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka [29th March, 1990 to 6th November, 2000]
  • Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Dhaka [4th January, 1986 to 28th March, 1990]


  • Selected Previous Professional Experiences at the University of Dhaka
  1. Chairperson, Faculty of Law [1st January 2018 till date]
  2. Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka [14th December, 2003 to 28th February, 2006]
  3. Member, Dhaka University Disciplinary Committee [from 2003 till 2006]
  4. Member, Dhaka University Sub-Committee [from 2003 till 2006]
  5. Member, Board of Advance Studies [from 2003 till date]
  6. Member, Academic Council [from 2003 till date]

Selected Research and Publications

  1. 1. Published Books
    • Post Divorce Maintenance: Legal and Social Appraisal, in Gender in law, Edited by Tahima Ahmed & Md. Maimul Ahsan Khan. Adtam Publishing House. 1998
  2. Published Articles

(i) Gender and Law: Recent Judicial Interpretations, in The Dhaka University Studies, Representation of Women in History and Culture, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Vol.55, No.1, June 1998

  • Untying The Marital Bond, Bangladesh Journal of Law, A biannual Publication of Bangladesh Institute of  Law and International Affairs, Vol.1. No.1 June 1997
  • The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 And A Wife’s Safeguard, Manual of Human Rights Law, Bangladesh Bar Council, complied by Tuhin Malik, May, 1997
  • Talaq: A Modern Debate, to be published in Dhaka University Studies Part-F Vol. 6 1 June, 1995
  • Declaration as a Remedy under Specific Relief Act, 1877, The Dhaka University Studies Part-F, Vol. II, No.1 June 1991
  • Life Interest under Muslim of Gift, The Dhaka University Studies, Part-F Vol.1 No.1 June 1989
  • DIVORCE CONCILIATION: Without the intervention of the Court and Built-in Conciliation in Family Court Proceedings-The Dhaka University Studies Part-F, Vol. 11, No.1, June 2001
  • ADR:Recent changes in the Civil Process-The Dhaka University Studies Part-F, Vol.15, No.1, June 2004
  • Reflection on the Perception of ‘Consent’ in Rape Cases- The Dhaka University Studies Part-F, Vol-16 No.2 December 2005


  1. Unpublished Works
  • Women’s Right to Divorce in Rural Bangladesh. An unpublished Ph.D Dissertation, University of East London. UK


  1. Seminar Papers
  • “Martial Dispute Resolution Outside Family Court”, Workshop on Legal System of Bangladesh, organised by Law Reader, University of Dhaka in 1996.

“Past and Post Divorce Maintenance: Legal and Social Appraisal”, Seminar on Muslim Women’s Right to Maintenance: Social and Legal Analyses.


Course Code: 522, Principles of Civil Litigation.

Family Law, Civil Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Gender Issues.

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