Name: Taslima Yasmin
Designation: Assistant Professor
Degree: LLB (University of Dhaka), LLM (University of Dhaka), LLM (University College  London, UK)

§  Judicial Trends in Child Custody Cases in Bangladesh: Traditional Islamic Law Rules versus Welfare Consideration, Asian Journal of Comparative Law, Volume 12, Issue 2, December 2017, pp. 233-256

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§  The Vagrants and Shelter-less Persons (Rehabilitation) Act, 2011: ‘Rehabilitation’ or ‘Criminalization’? Journal of the Chevening Society of Bangladesh, Issue 1, Volume 1, October 2012

International Refugee Law, Migration and Stateless Persons

UGC Award, 2012 for Best published Research Article, Chevening Scholarship (2008-2009)

Human rights, Violence against women, Family law, Access to Justice

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