Law clinic is an important part of the clinical legal education programme in the Department of Law of the University of Dhaka. At present, with the aid of Maxwell Stamp (PLC) and DFID and in partnership with Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST), Department of Law, University of Dhaka is implementing the ‘Law Clinic’ for making the students acquainted with practice besides their traditional way of studies. Law clinic will help the students to develop key skills which lawyers have to possess. This includes client interviewing skills, management of a law firm, marshalling of facts, arts of examination and cross examination, civil and criminal procedure in practice, and different laws in action. They are trained by mock trial in a room with real court-room-look. Apart from the law clinic sessions, court visit is a very important component of the law clinic. Experience gained from work in ‘real life’ situations motivate students and invigorate their appetite for legal practice. The Clinic is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice legal skills under the supervision of experienced judges, practitioners and academics.