Dr. Naima Huq
Professor and Chairman
Department of Law
University of Dhaka

Greetings from the Department of Law, the University of Dhaka.The Department of Law running under the Faculty of Law began its journey from the foundation of the University in 1921. Graduates benefit in diverse ways from the unique advantages offered by the Department. Students here are offered a broad array of courses taught by faculty members who have gained expertise and recognition nationally and internationally in relevant fields. The faculty members are committed not only in imparting requisite knowledge to the students, but are also well versed in advising students on issues that range from course material, legal issues, and career goals to matters of personal interest.

The Department offers a curriculum that has been designed to ensure that students acquire substantive knowledge, skills, and values essential for practicing law in the 21st century. The admission procedure sets a high standard, which prospective students have to fulfil before they can get enrolled into the Department. It trains students who, upon graduation, practice in all areas of the legal profession, both in the public and the private sectors. It boasts a host of eminent lawyers and judges who have made their marks in the legal profession as well as in the fields of public administration, diplomacy, academia, business and politics. Apart from drilling them in the art of representing clients, students are also trained about the utilities of public interest litigation and providing legal aid for initiating social change in meaningful ways.

The Department also runs a Clinical Legal Education Programme, designed to provide an intensive training in active lawyering skills. The clinical sessions comprise of modalities that include inter alia the drafting of briefs, counselling, advocacy and negotiation. The Clinic is enriched by the generous support of participation of the Supreme Court Judges, legal NGOs and reputed practitioners.

The Dhaka University Moot Court Society has been organising and participating in various Moot Court Competitions, both at home and abroad. Seminars and lectures are regularly organised by the Department where eminent legal scholars and academics participate.

To make the Department collegial for teachers and students, the Chairman’s office is currently involved in facilitating and implementing different renovation and development works in the Department. This includes renovating the classrooms, and building a Teachers’ Lounge, a separate Prayer Room, a Court Room, a Student Advisors’ Room, and a Computer Lab. The seminar library has been refurbished along with a modern conference room to facilitate academic seminars and meetings. It is expected that these new innovations will add significantly to the academic environment of the Department and enrich the overall teaching-learning expertise. I wish your every success in academic life.