Organized by Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka

16-17 September, 2018

Call for Papers

The Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka is organizing Senior Advocate Ozair Farooq Memorial Law Conference on 16-17 September 2018. The key theme of the conference is ‘Law, Justice and Society’, which is designed to address contemporary legal issues. The conference is aimed at creating platform for young law academics and scholars to present their legal research.

Under the principal theme of the conference, this year abstracts are invited under the following four sub-categories of themes-

Themes of the Conference

  1. Digital Security & Cyber Crime
  2. Environment, Natural Resources & Climate Justice
  3. Constitutional Rights & Remedies
  4. Human Rights, Refugee Rights & Realities

Abstract Submission

Interested legal academics (preferably Lecturer and Assistant Professor) and young lawyers/legal researchers should send an abstract of an original paper (maximum 500 words) to: The abstract should be accompanied by a short biography including author’s date of birth and academic/professional affiliation.  Subject head of the email should include “Abstract submission for the Law Conference”.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is August 2, 2018. Acceptance of the selected abstracts will be notified to the respective authors by August 15, 2018.

The deadline for submission of the full conference paper is September 5, 2018. The minimum word limit for the conference paper is 3000 words.

Selected manuscripts will be published in the Dhaka University Law Journal subject to the Journal’s peer review process. The deadline for submission of the full paper for journal publication is October 31, 2018. The paper for publication has to comply with the word limit of the Journal and should also maintain its reference style which, along with other details, will be sent to the authors once their abstracts are accepted for the conference.

Conference Registration

In addition to submission of abstracts for presentation at the conference, the organisers are also inviting participation from young legal researchers as discussants/observers at the conference. However, the number of participants is limited and prior registration is required for participation. For registration as participant at the conference, please send a cover letter along with a short biography to Please write “Registration for Participation at the Law Conference” in the subject head of the email.

The registration is free of charge. All participants including the selected conference presenters will be provided with lunch and refreshments at the conference day. However, all other costs and arrangements regarding attending the conference including travel, accommodation, etc will be participants’ personal responsibility. The last date of registration is September 5, 2018. The confirmation of registration will be sent to the respective participants by email.

Important Dates of the Conference

  • Submission of abstract – August 2, 2018 (Maximum 500 words)
  • Notification of the selected abstracts – August 15, 2018
  • Submission of the full conference paper – September 5, 2018 (minimum 3000 words)
  • Last date of registration – September 5, 2018
  • Submission of the full paper for journal publication is October 31, 2018